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We take the safety of our staff, our families, our patients, and our patients’ families very seriously. Initially I had hoped that this virus was not going to turn into a global pandemic, but it unfortunately has. For the past 72 hours, we have been thinking about our role as a potential source of virus spread, especially because as a dental office we come into intimate contact with many people every day. While the government has yet to officially close dental offices on a temporary basis, I feel that we a dental office need to be proactive and postpone our non-emergent appointments for the next two weeks. I fully understand the inconvenience this places on our patients and their families but we as a dental office have the potential to be super-spreaders from the aerosols we create and the amount of patients we see in close contact. By postponing all of our non-emergent dental appointments for the next two weeks, we will be doing our part in helping to “flatten the curve” that will hopefully save the lives of many of our loved ones who are in the most susceptible group to contract severe illness and death.

At this time, specifically here in Newark, Ohio, we are facing a critical time to stop the spread. The news coming out of Italy regarding the severity of respiratory distress and lack of supplies and hospital beds is terrifying; flattening the curve gives our hospitals and healthcare workers the chance to be able to treat enough people with ventilators and get them healthy rather than making doctors decide who gets to live and die. Regardless of your politics regarding Gov. Dewine, if he temporarily shuts down dental offices, I believe it will be the right call. I realize there will be those that think this is an over-reaction, and I sincerely hope I am over-reacting. However, I will sleep better over-reacting, rescheduling non-emergent patients for two weeks, rather than being a source of spread and having it spread to patients’ grandparents.


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